About us


We are Anna and Alexander, masters and guides to your higher Self, soul and Absolute.

We teach techniques of careful and total awakening, practical methods of connecting with the Source, gaining the integrity of an embodied being in matter and, as a result, putting your structure and external social life in order.

In the order you like.

We have come to this dimension (among other things) as conductors of Absolute knowledge in a practical capacity. That is, not in the form of a radiant truth cut off from everyday life but precisely in the form of a skill, a practical ability to conduct the subtle energies of the soul into a material body and material world.

Each of us tried to break through the rigid 3D matrix from birth and searched for any fragments of knowledge smelling of the Absolute, with all available perseverance and will. Thanks to which, by the time we met, we managed to try and study an incredible amount of information - philosophy, religion, psychology, esotericism, astrology and much more. Up to runes and shamanic practices.

Our joint journey in this incarnation began back in 2013 with an almost incredible meeting at the anniversary concert of one great rocker. And since then we have been on the path of connecting with our higher aspects literally without a break for sleep and food. Those of our clients (and now friends) who are aware of our processes know that this is no exaggeration. We have always walked and are going into depth totally, as far as the moment, space and body allows, without doubts and compromises. And we teach our clients the same in our sessions and courses.

We are about personal experience, about practice, about self-sufficiency and uniqueness, individuality and manifestation. About the blurring of the ego and the departure from duality. About pure consciousness, clear mind and strong will.

About awareness, total immersion in oneself and exit from the matrix.

In our individual processes, we have already gone through an incredible number of transformations that continue further, opening up new opportunities and scales - and with it new challenges.

For a long time we naturally moved not feeling the need to share our knowledge and skills. Then there was a period when we helped separate big souls wake up - architects, guides, creators of egregorial structures and various other key participants in the current transition.

Now the time has come to transfer the skill of living from the heart to as many people on Earth as possible - and that is why you are here and reading these lines.

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